Facebook Birthday Wishes for Close Friends

9 pcs Facebook Birthday Wishes card for Close Friends

Facebook Birthday Wishes for Close Friends
25 January 2020 - 19:30

1) Happy birthday to a great and wonderful friend! May your day be filled with joy and great fun. And, may the future ahead of you be bright and better. 
2)    I didn’t want to send you a birthday card because only you will get to see it. Instead, I chose to publish my best birthday wishes on your wall, so that the whole world can see it; The Best of Your Years are Still Ahead! Happy birthday, dearest friend. 
3)    There’s a friend who sticks closer than a sibling – this is the best way I can describe our friendship. Thanks for always being there. Best wishes on your birthday. 

4)    Hurray! Today is my friend’s birthday. May this special day be filled with joy and lots of goodies for you. Happy birthday to a wonderful friend.

 happy birthday Friend   
Happy Birthday Friend

5)    Hello world, join me in jubilating, it’s my friend’s birthday today! Happy birthday to my sweet friend. 

6) This is my opportunity to let everyone know that you’ve been a friend indeed! Happy birthday, dearest. 

7)    I’ve waited patiently as birthday wishes kept pouring on your wall. Now that they are done sending their wishes, I’m super-imposing mine on all the wishes, so that it will forever stick on your wall and in your heart. Happy birthday to a very dear friend. 
Happy birthday Friend
8)    Please, pay attention everyone! I have an important announcement to make on this special day; the birthday celebrant is a friend to hold and cherish forever, and I pledge my undying loyalty in front of you all, my witnesses from across the globe! Happy birthday to a friend indeed! 

9)I want the whole world to know it’s my special friend’s birthday, which is why I’m inscribing long life and prosperity wishes on your wall, for everyone to see!



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